Completely On Location!

With reviews of the Mur Lafferty’s awesome comic-book inspired ‘Playing for Keeps’ novel and the super-powered ‘Union Dues’ series on the ‘Escape Pod’ Podcast  as well as amazing Muy Buenos including action Comics 548 and The Walking Dead 81, Troy and Will take the show on the road for the best episode of Completely Comics yet!

1) Show Intro “Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 6: Completely On Location. Moonlite Comics can be found on Facebook at

2) Update with the guys

  • Troy news
    • ‘Forge’ story
    • The Cape Podcast mention and news
    • Walking Dead began in Cynthiana, KY
  • Will news
    • No TV or Internet in the Mitchell household. Much watching of Scott Pilgrim and how I Met Your Mother.

3) Comic Book News

  • News of the week from comics
  • Multi-Media comic related news

4) Review of Playing for Keeps audio novel found at and Union Dues podcasts found at

5) Wiki of the Week: Voicemail feedback from David Glanzer from the San Diego Comic-Con found at

6) Muy Bueno and honorable mentions

7) Contact Information: Email us at completelycomics (at) or call in and leave a voicemail at 641.715.3900 and enter extension 694617#

Help out the show by buying any of the mentioned comics via this affiliate link:

Click Here to hear the show!

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  1. So, I mentioned Playing for Keeps. Mur also does a podcast for ‘Wanna-be fiction writers’ called I Should Be Writing. If you like our show you would love ISBW. If you are an aspiring writer, you WILL be benefited by listening to her podcast.

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