Episode 39: Completely The Podcast With The Dragon Tattoo!

Show Notes:

1) Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 39: Completely The Podcast With The Dragon Tattoo.

This week we talk about the graphic novelizations of Stieg Larsson’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Scott Sigler’s Infected. We talk about the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited as well as the new comics in the New 52. Whew, what a show!

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2) Facebook Listener Appreciation

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3) Comic Book News

Click here to look at one of the least expensive books by Denise Mina (the writer of the upcoming Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Graphic Novel) Troy found on Amazon.

Click here to look at the Novel Infected by New York Times best selling author Scott Sigler. Here is a link to Scott’s website: www.scottsigler.com and click here to hear Scott’s podcast announcing IDW’s publishing of Infected!

NOTE: Both links to Amazon are affiliate links and any purchase helps the show!

One last news thing: we mention the Comic Book Men show on AMC. Click here to read an article about it on the IGN website.

4) Wiki of the Week – Batman Incorporated

5) Resource of the Week – Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Review

6) Contact Information: Email us at completelycomics@gmail.com or search Completely Comics on Facebook. Or leave a voicemail at 641.715.3900 and enter extension 694617#

Note: the link to our awesome Library mentioned last episode can be found here: www.pspl.org

Help out the show by buying any of the mentioned comics via our affiliate link: www.completelycomics.wordpress.com/helptheshow

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