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Completely Conglomeration!

In what my be the most disjointed episode of Completely Comics, Troy and Will share interviews recorded while at Conglomeration 2011. There is so much information in these interviews that you may have to listen to this episode twice. Learn about a trans-media podcast/comic, how to get an autographed book, a Joss Whedon (or is it Wil Wheaton) festival, a horror festival, and a cool fan DVD for Marvel and DC. Will shares the microphone with Byte Girl to share the news of the week. Two words, Awe Some.

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Websites mentioned in the show:






and of course all Conglomeration information can be found at www.conglomeration.info

Contact Information: Email us at completelycomics@gmail.com or search Completely Comics on Facebook. Or leave a voicemail at 641.715.3900 and enter extension 694617#

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