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Episode 60: Completely ASM! A review of the Amazing Spider-man Movie.

Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 60:  Completely ASM! A review of the Amazing Spider-Man movie.

Troy and Will review the new Amazing Spider-Man (ASM)  Movie in Completely Comics fashion. We share what other people think about the film and then share our own humble opinions!

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1) Update with the guys

Did NOT go see Spider-Man this week.

Visit to the Midway School Bakery.

Guest Reviews of the Amazing Spider-man Movie

Stephanie and Matt Ravenscraft from GSPN.tv call in. They are a mother/son duo who thought the movie was amazing. (listen for them at the 10:27 minute mark)

Aaron Gabbard, the Comic Book Jerk returns to the show! He and Will talk ASM at the 12:43 minute mark.

Beacoup Pop’s Kerry, Matt, Justin and Tressa recorded a little something-something specifically for the Completely Comics Listeners at the 32:26 minute mark.

Lastly, I record an interview with an innocent bystander and share that at the 44:47 minute mark.

Our take on the movie begins at the 51:17 minute mark of the show!

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