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Episode 51: Completely Conglomeration 2012

Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 51: Completely Conglomeration 2012

Listen while we share our take on what is BIG in the Comics Industry. During Conglomeration 2012 we led a panel titled, Comics Round-up. This is the recording of that panel.

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We share a quick introduction and then chat about big comic book news from past year.

  • We talk about the impact of DC’s New 52
  • We answer ‘What is The Culling’
  • We discuss The Court of Owls
  • We talk about DC’s Next Wave
  • We share details and predictions about Avengers vs X-Men
  • We share how DC Nation, Marvel Universe,  and the Movies “The Avengers”, “Dark Knight Rises”, “The Man of Steel” can only benefit the comic industry.
  •  We discuss how Digital Comics, Comicxology and webcomics like Tart  are the next big thing.
  • During our question and answer time we talk about such varied things as : Why is Dark Shadows a comedy; and Why were there aliens in the last Indiana Jones movie; and  discuss that Hunger Games is the first number 1 movie with two main actors from Kentucky. We also talk about movie remakes in general and share how you can get some cool AvX coasters!

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