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Completely Devin W. Smith

On this special episode of Completely Comics, we interview Devin W. Smith. Devin’s original comic book character ‘Xenon’ has a good chance of winning the Stan Lee Foundation’s ‘Create a Comic Book Character’ Contest! Winning this contest would provide Devin with the exposure and networking opportunities that would literally would change his life. YOU will only have a few times in your life when you can help to change someone’s life forever. This is your chance to help Devin. All you need to do to help is click on this link and vote for his character to win. Winning this contest really would change Devin’s life. If you only do two things today, first click here to vote for Xenon and, oh yeah, listen to the interview!

Click here to see more of Devin’s work.

Click here to hear the show!

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