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Episode 43: Completely The Business Side Of Comics!

Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 43: Completely The Business Side Of Comics!

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On this episode we dedicate the entire show to the legal battles taking place in the comic world.

The Week in review

Troy’s News: He’s sick and under the influence of Dayquil.

Will’s News: Will’s laptop is shot. Will loves Comic Book Men. It’s like Pawn Stars for Geeks! Learn more about Comic Book Men by clicking here. Will loves The Walking Dead. Learn more about The Walking Dead by clicking here.

A voicemail from long-time friend of the show, Daniel Frazier (co-creator of The Adventures of Nightclaw and Prowler) sets up this very special episode regarding current comic  legal battles.

The legal battles we discuss are:

Tony Moore’s and Robert Kirkman’s legal battle

Neil Gaiman’s and Todd McFarland’s legal battle

Jerry Seigel’s Family’s legal battle

Jack Kirby’s Family legal battle

Gray Friedrich’s legal battles with Marvel

Listen to hear summaries of the court cases, our opinions, and the implications for of the legal battles on all comic fans!

Contact Information:

Email us at completelycomics@gmail.com or go to Completely Comics on Facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/completelycomics. Or leave a voicemail at 641.715.3900 and enter extension 694617#

Help out the show by buying any of the mentioned comics via this affiliate link: http://www.mycomicshop.com/?AffID=637329P01

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