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Episode 51: Completely Conglomeration 2012

Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 51: Completely Conglomeration 2012

Listen while we share our take on what is BIG in the Comics Industry. During Conglomeration 2012 we led a panel titled, Comics Round-up. This is the recording of that panel.

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We share a quick introduction and then chat about big comic book news from past year.

  • We talk about the impact of DC’s New 52
  • We answer ‘What is The Culling’
  • We discuss The Court of Owls
  • We talk about DC’s Next Wave
  • We share details and predictions about Avengers vs X-Men
  • We share how DC Nation, Marvel Universe,  and the Movies “The Avengers”, “Dark Knight Rises”, “The Man of Steel” can only benefit the comic industry.
  •  We discuss how Digital Comics, Comicxology and webcomics like Tart  are the next big thing.
  • During our question and answer time we talk about such varied things as : Why is Dark Shadows a comedy; and Why were there aliens in the last Indiana Jones movie; and  discuss that Hunger Games is the first number 1 movie with two main actors from Kentucky. We also talk about movie remakes in general and share how you can get some cool AvX coasters!

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Completely 40 Lashes (40 minutes with Michael Lash)

Completely 40 Lashes (40 minutes with Michael Lash)

Michael Lash with the online comic Starsearchers joins Troy and Will for this extended edition of the show. The guys review Starsearchers and cover the news of the week as well as the Wiki of the Week and the Muy Bueno.

Update with the guys

Troy news
1. Chicago Comic-Con (www.c2e2.com)
2. Cape News (www.thecapepodcast.com)
3. New Website: www.completelycomics.com

Will news
1. Saw All-Star Superman
2. Got back my tax refund
3. Byte Girl’s birthday coming up
Comic Book News
News of the week from comics
Multi-Media comic related news
Young Justice on Cartoon Network (www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/youngjustice)

Review of Star Searchers (www.starsearchers.legionworld.com)

Wiki of the Week – Obama in Comics

Muy Bueno and honorable mentions

Contact Information: Email us at completelycomics (at) gmail.com or search Completely Comics on Facebook all in and leave a voicemail at 641.715.3900 and enter extension 694617#

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