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Bonus Episode: Completely Who Is Under The Hood?


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Our website was slammed after The Walking Dead Season Two Finale. Everyone was asking the same question, ‘Who is the hooded stranger in The Walking Dead’. This Bonus episode answers who the girl in the hood is and we take a live call from the Kentucky Geek Girl about the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention!

WARNING: In this episode we SPOIL The Walking Dead Season Two finale… and answer the questions the show left hanging..


1) Who is under the hood?

2) Why are there armless zombies on chains?

3) What happens at the Prison.

4) Who is the Governor.

5) What’s up about the Helicopter.

and more..!

Phone call from Natasha, the Kentucky Geek Girl.  www.kentuckygeekgirl.com
She will be giving away free carved “Geek Soap” with the Batman Logo at Lexington Comic & Toy Convention.  The soap is made by Lesley Karpiuk from www.geeksoap.net.

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