Help The Show

We love the Completely Comics Community!  But there are real world expenses associated with the bringing you the quality shows that we produce. You can help out several ways.

You can donate towards our production costs via Paypal. Simply go to and click on the ‘Send Money’ tab. Send any amount to our email address Every cent is appreciated.


Back on episode 12 of Completely Comics, we interviewed Conan Saunders with Lonestar Comics. He described that they offer the cheapest way on the internet to purchase runs or sets of comic books. (here is a link to that episode so you can hear it in his own words). You can help the show by buying  comics though the Lone Star Comics website via this affiliate link:

This saves you money as you complete your collection and a good portion of each purchase goes towards the operating expenses of Completely Comics.

You can help the show and help yourself at the same time! Phil Hampton, Creator of The Comic Academy offers two products that will help you move your comics creations to the next level.

Are you struggling to break into the comic industry? Do you want to work for a major publisher such as Marvel, DC or Image? Or do you want to attract an army of loyal fans of your work?  If so, let ‘Comic Creator Success Secrets’ show you how to fulfill your dreams. Just go to for more information. A good portion of each purchase goes towards the operating expenses of Completely Comics.

Want to make a name for yourself with Webcomics? There are a number of techniques that webcomic creators can use in the design and marketing of their sites to ensure that their comics stand out from the crowd and attract an army of raving fans. Phil presents these to you with ‘The Webcomic Marketing Masterclass’ Simply click  to learn more!  A good portion of each purchase goes towards the operating expenses of Completely Comics.

Troy’s Peddler’s Corner!

Buy hard to find comics at rock bottom prices (and help the show)!

Coming Soon!

As a premium for visiting this page..

The Comic Radio! A service that we have created for you that is truly one of a kind. The link below is to a broadcast of the Twitter feed for the leaders in today’s comic book industry. Click the image below and the Comic Radio Player will automatically open. It might be silent when you first click if no one is tweeting. Give it a minute…

One more cool thing, message us at @completelycomic and hear what you type!

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